This is maybe a bit off beat but I find it very interesting since I started the Holosync Meditation.

Self-Empowerment Author, Speaker and  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Tom Murasso has developed this 2 Part Audio Set which is claimed to help you find out who you were in the past!

I remember reading a book about the Alien Gene Theory which kind of touched on the subject of something similar. About where our genes passed on by our parents and theirs etc contain memory which we eventually pull information from. Although this isnt exactly the same, its along similar lines (to me anyway :))

You may have seen past life regression on TV and in the movies used to help someone solve a crime. This is a bit more serious and I'm sure I'm not doing it justice with this frivilous report. 

The report comes with 2 Audio Tracks and 4 Bonuses... 

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