As a non-smoker and actually someone who has never smoked, I now find myself in the position of selling cigarettes and teaching other people how to do this using the Internet.

Am I a hypocrite? - Well, I hope not.

I watched both of my parents die of cancer, my ex-wife's parents too and countless other friends and relatives. The common factor was that they were all heavy smokers, or had been for many years previously.

So, why am I selling electronic cigarettes?

I am selliing electronic cigarettes primarily to let people know of an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes as we know it. The E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette delivers the same nicotine affect that smokers crave but without the other 4000 chemicals that are present in tobacco cigarettes. 

If you own a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel are involved in the Hospitality Trade or Public Transport then you will no doubt be well aware of the affects of the Smoking Ban on your trade.  You can recover some of this trade by selling or allowing the smoking of Electronic Cigarettes where tobacco cigarettes are banned.

If you currently smoke and are looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco which may be more healthy and possibly less expensive then your alternative is to buy an electronic cigarette pack and try out the various strengths of nicotine cartridge that comes with the pack.  Then order cartridges which suit your pallate.  You can't knock it until you have tried it.

This has to be more healthy but there are lots more benefits which are listed on our Marketing inLife website. The second reason I am involved in this business is because it IS a business and makes money.

If I don't do it someone else will :)

If you want to know more about electonic cigarettes then head over to and watch the video and read about the benefits.




This article should be useful for anyone involved in the smoking ban in the united states, the smoking ban in uk, the smoking ban in england, the smoking ban in scotland, the smoking ban in northern ireland, the smoking ban in wales, the smoking ban is spain, or any other area where there is a smoking ban.