Service Partner Lockup 2color Stacked HighResQuickBase is a cloud-based workspace that helps teams get more done with business apps that match their exact process. Easily customize and build customizable business applications to collaborate on data, automate workflows and share actionable reports.

With QuickBase, there is no coding required so you don't have to be a developer to create applications that do exactly what you want. Your needs are unique. Your apps should be too.

Project Managers, Marketing and IT Directors are all using QuickBase to set up a centralized system where anyone, anywhere can share information, track and manage their projects. QuickBase can be used for all kinds of things, like project management, document sharing, CRM, and automated reporting.

QuickBase applications will automatically run on smartphones and tablets, so you can work wherever...and want!  More than 450,000 users and thousands of businesses manage their data with QuickBase -- including more than half of the Fortune 100.

What is QuickBase

QuickBase Plans
QuickBase Essential QuickBase Premier QuickBase Platform IGL Cloud

Everything you need to begin improving team productivity.

For teams who...

Collaborate among themselves

Want to replace spreadsheets with a tool that supports their workflow

A complete solution for your team or project.

For teams who...

Use business processes involving multiple groups or sub-teams

Need to limit access to data in some areas

Require reporting and dashboards for management or people outside the core team

For integrated solutions across your organization.

For teams who... Create solutions to be used by large groups, centrally manage users and access. Have a controllable development environment, Integrate with legacy or emergent data systems

The Premier Plan for small users.

Grow into your QuickBase App.

Minimum Users - 10 Minimum Users - 20 Minimum Users - 40 Minimum Users - 1
$15 per user / per month
paid to QuickBase
Minimum ($150p/m)
$25 per user / per month
paid to QuickBase
(Minimum $500p/m)
$40 per user / per month
paid to QuickBase
(Minimum $1600p/m)
£45 per user / per month
paid to Insight Global
(Minumum £45p/m)

NB. QuickBase is a U.S. Company and they charge in US$.
Insight Global are UK Based and charge in GB£

As you can see from the table above, the pricing structure is quite prohibitive for most UK companies who have few employees.

The IGL Cloud option uses the QuickBase Platform solution which would normally cost $1600 per month. However, with IGL Cloud your company can start with just one single user for as little as £45 + Vat per month.

The only limitation with the IGL Cloud solution (if you can call it that), is that after you reach 10+ users you would be required to transfer to one of the QuickBase Plans. By that time, your company will be so super-efficient and profitable that it will be a natural progression.

Application Development

There are many pre-built QuickBase Application Templates that can work straight out of the box for some users, however, the recommended method is to develop the Application based on your company’s exact requirements. QuickBase can be fine-tuned to fit your every need.

Contact me if you have questions or would like to get started with QuickBase.

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