QuickBase Header Branding LogoThe Total Economic Impact™ Of QuickBase Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By QuickBase, A Low-Code Platform For Citizen Development


The composite organization experienced the following risk-adjusted benefits that represent those experienced by the interviewed companies:

Reduced time and cost to develop applications. The composite organization saved an average of eight weeks of development time per application utilizing the QuickBase platform. The organization also saved on resource costs by utilizing citizen development resources instead of traditional IT resources. The composite organization saw a cost saving of $19,231 per application developed. This time and cost savings meant the composite organization was able to build 55 net-new applications each year, resulting in a three-year, risk-adjusted total cost savings over the prior application development method of $2,538,462.

Faster time-to-business-value (due to reduced time-to-delivery). In addition to being able to develop applications faster, the composite organization benefits from the additional business value each of these applications brings to the company. The business value of these applications is derived from employee productivity increases, business process time savings, improved effectiveness of these processes, and the additional bottom-line value these applications bring to the business. The composite organization sees additional business value of $4,418,835 over the three years of analysis.

Faster time to update and maintain applications. Not only are these applications faster to develop, but the organization benefits from time and cost savings associated with updating and maintaining them. The composite organization saves development time and uses a more affordable resource, and it no longer has to wait a month or two to make its updates; instead, it can make updates in real time through line-of-business citizen development. This results in a three-year, risk-adjusted cost savings of $4,513,641.

Avoided headcount in IT. The composite organization avoided hiring two IT developers by deploying QuickBase.
This could include hiring new developers for added development resources, but it could also represent the repurposing of existing IT pro developers on tier 1 strategic applications such as an ERP system. The value of this avoided cost over the three years was $612,000.

Cost savings from solution reduction/reduced IT sprawl. Through the investment in QuickBase, the composite organization eliminated the use of several redundant solutions across its workgroups. Not only does this save the organization money, but it also avoids use of rogue IT applications, creating a more efficient IT and business model. Forrester estimates that the composite organization saves $75,000 each year by reducing other solutions.