I knew that just going on a diet wasn't going to be enough, I had to change my lifestyle in some way. So, I did many things:

  • Started a very light exercise routine.
  • Started a low carb diet
  • Listened to mind thingy tapes
  • Read mind thingy books
  • Noticed and appreciated things around me
  • Got up earlier in the mornings
  • Always ate a cooked breakfast
  • Went to work 1 hour earlier

After only 1 month I was noticing the changes in many aspects of my life.


Primarily, I had more energy;

Previously I had been so tired that after coming home from work I just fell asleep on the sofa until it was time to go to bed. What kind of life was that?  With my new regime, I was coming home, eating and then wandering around the house looking for jobs to do or I was going to do some exercise on my multigymn or going for a jog.  These are all things that I would never have thought to do before the change in routine.


more soon...