The benefits of The Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom was first discovered during the Ming Dynasty - 1368 A.D.

If you have followed my blog then you will know that I have been talking vitamin supplements for over 10 years. I also know what is good for my body and bad for my body as far as food is concerned. I have learned this by trial and error but I feel it gives me the edge over knowing that I can control what's going on inside me.

I was recently introduced to a new product called Maximum Potency Coriolus (Polysaccharide PSK/PSP) which is aimed at boosting the Human Immune System.

Not another one I hear you exclaim!

Yes, that's what I thought. There are thousands of alternative health products out there, all professing to be the greatest new discovery that will cure all your problems.

So what's different about Maximum Potency Coriolus?

Well, firstly it's NOT NEW!  The ingredients (for want of a better word) of Maximum Potency Coriolus are polysacharides called PSK and PSP which are derived from the Mycelia Extract of the ancient Coriolus Versicolor mushroom.  OK, it's a mouthfull but you are going to become familiar with the  name Maximum Potency Coriolus and the mushroom called Coriolus Versicolor as I am about to explain.

At the time of the Ming Dynasty in China (a very long time ago), the chinese used the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom as a herbal tea to increase energy and wellbeing. It was used in that way for hundreds of years until Japanese scientists in the 60's developed a method to extract the polysacharide krestin or PSK. This was then used in powder or pill format to treat many serious diseases and is a standard cancer treatment in Japan today. In China in the 80's, Dr Wang discovered and patented a method to extract polysacharide peptide or PSP and together with PSK these ingredients are now also standard prescriptions for boosting the immune system in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. Infact the sales of Coriolus Versicolor in these countries is many millions of $dollars every year.

OK, if its that good, then why don't we know about it in the West?

Oh, you are naive! That's what we all say at first, but the answer is quite simple really.

In the western world our governments and drug companies have a completely different approach to medicine. We have been taught from an early age to abuse our bodies by eating rubbish and living unhealthy lifestyles. When we get ill, we go the doctor for a cure. This cycle has led to a society that overindulge and then expect to be repaired by someone else when we are broken. The upshot is that people die younger, saving the government on pensions, and drug companies make billions fixing people of their newly discovered disease.

According to information released by the National Cancer Institute in January 2009, 10 years worth of treatments for breast cancer (which may be intermittent) cost an average of $21,000, while prostate and lung cancer hovered around $40,000.

Why would these drug companies want to bypass such a great income for the sake of Our lives?
- They wouldn't and they don't.

So, should we be bothered?

Well, I don't know about you, but I certainly am.

So, getting back to Maximum Potency Coriolus. Where has that come from?

Maximum Potency Coriolus is the PSK and PSP derived from mycelia extracts of the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom. It is bottled in the China in an FDA registered bottling facility that is CGMP compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and sold as a dietary supplement world-wide.  The product can be shipped anywhere on request.

So, OK, What do we do with it? - Who should take it?

Well, firstly I would recommend that anyone and everyone will benefit from Maximum Potency Coriolus. It is highly unlikely, in this present climate of chemical polutents in the air and in our food, that your body's immune system is healthy enough to fight daily living in the 21st century.

Maximum Potency Coriolus can be taken as a daily immune booster, or in the case of someone who is "fighting a disease" they can take an increased dose to help the body fight from the inside. There are over 400 clinical studies on the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom and how PSK and PSP operate in an amazing way to help your body beat disease. The scientists in the East have recognised this for many years and if our governments don't want to wake up and bring this to the West, then we just have to do it ourselves.

Roll on Maximum Potency Coriolus.

I started taking Maximum Potency Coriolus as a supplement in August 2010. The bottle comes with 60 capsules and I was taking 2 a day. However, it was later recommended that to take about 4-6 daily for the first month would give my immune system a quick boost and then I could go back down to 2 a day.  I actually decided to take 3 in the morning before breakfast and 3 late at night before going to bed. I have now been doing this for many years (give or take a few months on and off) and I have to say that I seem to have a noticeable increase in energy. I also have a clarity of mind and am sleeping better. Of course, I'm pretty healthy and not currently fighting a disease, but that's the whole point!  I can't remember the last time I went to the doctor... in fact you would have to take me kicking and screaming.

OK, that's what you say - How can we believe you?

You can lead a horse to water. (sorry if I sound a little cynical but it's a hard slog)

You don't have to believe anything I say. I'm healthy and living a happy life, but if you want to find out more for yourself then can google coriolus versicolor or the polysaccharides PSK & PSP.  You will find hundreds of studies on the subject. You just need to then go and buy it and take it. And of course, stop eating crap as well :)

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