Well, up until mid 2009, I hadn't meditated in my life.  I knew very little about it and thought that it was something out of the sixties that people did as a some sort of fad or fashion.

I had been picking up snippets of information from some of the online marketing gurus, who were explaining that if you are going to be a good all round marketer you really need to start with yourself. Once you learn to understand yourself then its a natural progression to be able to understand how other people think and operate.

I have some friends who meditate and so I asked about how to go about it.  My Spanish friend Andres lent me a book (forgotten the title).  It was an easy gentle read but the main theme was that to meditate properly for it to be a benefit, you need to put a lot of time and effort into it.

I was still interested but before I got started with my humming and cross legs I came across a system called Holosync which stated that it used advanced techniques to mimic how the Zen Monks developed their meditation skills and it can do this in a much shorter time than the years that it takes a Zen Monk. 

That sounded more like it!  I ordered their FREE Audio CD and was sent tons of information to read as well as the CD Demo. I eventually bought the program and use it daily. It has changed my life.  I am more calm and receptive to things outside my own requirements.  The whole experience is just mind blowing so I do recommend that your get the Free Audio CD and also read about it for yourself.

For me to explain how it works in a blog would take me forever and I cant do it as well as Bill Harris the creator of the Holosync Solution so Im just going to add the link below for you to make up your own mind.

Get the Holosync Demo Audio CD Here

Please leave comments and questions if you are interested in this subject and I will answer with my direct experiences of Holosync.