A lot of people ask me what vitamins I take because I never have to go to the doctor and don't get colds. Its not all about the vitamins but they certainly play a big part in my health regime.

I've been taking vitamins regularly now since 2000 which at the time of writing this is 10 years. It all started when I read the Atkins book which is full of great information that regardless of the hype about the Atkins Diet, I think people should read it to help understand what is going on when they eat junk food.

Later I was introduced to The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patric Holford and more recently to Breakthrough - Eight Steps To Wellness by Suzanne Somers.

These book are what has helped me form my opinion on what vitamins are best for me. Also 10 years of testing doesn't do any harm.

When I first looked around for vitamins, the high street shops were certainly lacking in variety and strength of products so I looked to the Internet to buy my vitamins and have been buying regularly now from www.zipvit.co.uk as they have great prices, great products and delivery is excellent. They now ship to me in Spain and it usually only takes about 3-4 days for my order to arrive. I usually only order once a year but spend about 200 GBP but its certainly worth it when you break it down. Its less than 20 GBP per month.  They charge about that much locally here in Spain for a 90 tablet bottle of Vitamin C 1000mg.

OK, so on to the list with a little explanation why I take each vitamin. 

Vitamin Strength Qty Comments
Vitamin C 1000mg 1 Daily - I sometimes take 5 if I have a hangover.
Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg 1 Daily
Co Enzyme Q10 120mg 1 Twice a Week
Selenium 200mcg 1 Daily
Multi Vitamin with Minerals & Probiotics various 1 Daily
Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 4 Daily
Folic Acid 400mcg 1 Twice a Week
St John's Wort 33mg
1000mcg Hypericin
1 Daily
Ginko Biloba with Siberian Ginseng 6000mg
1 Daily
Flaxseed Oil 1000mg 1 Daily
Vitamin B6 50mg 1 Daily
Vitamin B Complex Various 1 Twice a Week. It stinks and makes your pee turn orange but has all the B vitamins that are really necessary for maintaining good health.
Practitioners Lutein Plus Various 1 Daily. This is a mixture of herbs that are good for your eyes.
I also take some other things that dont really come under the vitamin banner.
Thyromine This is a concoction that is designed to help if you have an underactive thyriod. I use it now and again if I am really run down.
HGH Energizer This is another mix of herbs and vitamins designed to boost your energy.
Bowtrol A herbal laxative. Its important to stay regular and this stuff is excellent.
Echinacea I used to take 3200mg daily during the winter but don't seem to need it now. On a recent trip to UK I caught a bit of a cold on the first day and killed it by taking 7 x 500mg pills for 2 days.