I suddenly took a good look at myself and realised I had to do something quickly or I would be heading for the morgue.

Just turned 40, my suits didn't fit, my trousers were tight and I couldn't tie my shoelaces without sitting down, and even then it was difficult as I was out of breath. I never went anywhere without my bottle of Rennie Duo or packet of Rennie Tablets for my constant indegestion and my head was just all over the place.

Well, what transpired was that with a lot of enthusiasm and the right methods, I managed to get back on track within a couple of months. Since that time I have learned a lot about my own body and now at 50 Im still in control and confident that I can stay fit and healthy without living like a monk. 

When I turned 40 I was the owner of a software development company. The job entailed a lot of driving and meetings so I was constantly eating on the go. All the bad stuff... sandwiches, coke, fast food and a ton of coffee.  I never had time for myself or my family and when I was at home I usually fell asleep on the sofa after a few minutes. Not a nice life really.

OK, so how did I manage to turn things around?

It was a combination of things really. The indegestion thing was what kicked it off.  Just before Christmass 1999 I decided that I really needed to go to the doctor and find out what was going on. It transpired I had reflux gord which the doctor gave me pills for and sent me on my way.  It was a nice gesture I thought, but am I supposed to take pills every time I get indigestion or should I be changing something about my lifestyle to prevent this happening again?  I knew I wasn't going to be taking pills for ever so I started reading up about healthy diets to try and lose a few kilos.  I wasnt enormous but my stomach looked about 7 months pregnant and my boobs were getting there too!

more to follow.....