The Juicing Documentary with Jason Vale

The reality about the toxicity and deficiency of our regular habit and how to avoid lifestyle diseases.
Follows 8 people with various diseases on a 28 day juicing fast with Jason Vale.
(1Hour 36Mins)


Fat Sick & Nearly Dead with Joe Cross

Follow Australian Joe Cross on his mission to juice himself healthy across America.
(1Hour 37Mins)


Interview with Charlotte Gerson

This interview was shot in 2013 at the Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center in Encinitas, CA. Dr. Sheridan is a long time fan and supporter of the Gerson Institute and was eager for the chance to do a one-on-one interview with Charlotte. She talks about how foods relate to cancer.
(1Hour 5Mins)


Jamie Oliver Speech

Jamie expresses his wish to teach every child about food and fight obesity. You can support his wish here


The Secrets of Sugar

We've heard about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there has never been a warning about sugar on our food labels - despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff is making more of us fat and sick.


Food That Kills!

Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper - 1993