Internet & Wifi are NOT the same things.

It is very easy to be confused about the difference between the Internet and Wifi because sometimes they work together and sometimes not. Let me explain.

An Internet connection is something you buy from a company.   It may be called ADSL, Fibre Optic, 4G or something else but actually these names are just how the Internet (a network of computers) is delivered into your home. When you buy your Internet package, the company allocates bandwidth which we would generally call the Speed of the Internet.  (yes, I know... lots of different terms and that is why it's confusing). 

To connect to the Internet, you will be given a Router.  This device has usually about 3 main purposes (for this explanation).

1. The router connects to the Internet via ADSL, Fibre Optic cable or 4G (mobile with SIM) etc.

2. The router usually has about 4 sockets that allow you to connect a wired cable into it from a PC or Laptop to allow these devices to pass through the router onto the Internet.

3. The router usually has a wireless connection with aerials that allow you to connect wireless devices to it which in turn passes through the router onto the Internet. This is called WIFI.

So, here is where all the trouble begins.

Your computer doesn't connect to Google. Where does the problem lie?

  1. It could be the Internet Connection from your supplier.
  2. It could be the Wired or Wifi connection between your device and router
  3. It could be a software issue on your device (Laptop, PC, etc)

Hope that helps to understand a bit more :)