Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build web sites and powerful online applications.

I have been building Joomla websites since its inception in 2005. All my websites apart from some Online Shops utilise Joomla plus a number of sophisticated add-ons which can turn a basic Business Card type site to a Property Site, Holiday Rental Site, Online Shop, Event Booking Site, Hourly Rental Site, Classified Ads Site, Business Directory and much more.

About 10% of all websites world-wide are powered by Joomla.

It is continuously updated by the development team for security patches as they appear, making it a safe option for small or large businesses.

Joomla can be installed in many languages and can be multilingual automatically identifying the user language and changing it as appropriate. (depending on languages installed and translations)

Joomla works perfectly with Mobile devices which is now required for Google rankings.

Joomla can easily be configured for Secure Server SSL (Https://) which is also required for Google rankings.

If you have a Joomla based website that needs some TLC or would like a website created then please contact me to discuss.


Internet & Wifi are NOT the same things.

It is very easy to be confused about the difference between the Internet and Wifi because sometimes they work together and sometimes not. Let me explain.

An Internet connection is something you buy from a company.   It may be called ADSL, Fibre Optic, 4G or something else but actually these names are just how the Internet (a network of computers) is delivered into your home. When you buy your Internet package, the company allocates bandwidth which we would generally call the Speed of the Internet.  (yes, I know... lots of different terms and that is why it's confusing). 

To connect to the Internet, you will be given a Router.  This device has usually about 3 main purposes (for this explanation).

1. The router connects to the Internet via ADSL, Fibre Optic cable or 4G (mobile with SIM) etc.

2. The router usually has about 4 sockets that allow you to connect a wired cable into it from a PC or Laptop to allow these devices to pass through the router onto the Internet.

3. The router usually has a wireless connection with aerials that allow you to connect wireless devices to it which in turn passes through the router onto the Internet. This is called WIFI.

So, here is where all the trouble begins.

Your computer doesn't connect to Google. Where does the problem lie?

  1. It could be the Internet Connection from your supplier.
  2. It could be the Wired or Wifi connection between your device and router
  3. It could be a software issue on your device (Laptop, PC, etc)

Hope that helps to understand a bit more :)


Mick Graham Computers / Oliva Computers
For just over 3 years 2006-2009 I ran a bricks & mortar computer shop here where I live in Oliva, Valencia. The shop, Oliva Computers was very successful as we catered for the English Speaking Community here which is quite large in the Costa Blanca.

We repaired all types of machines, built PCs, sold Laptops and all sorts of the usual computer accessories you care to imagine. However standing in a backoffice with my head in a PC wasn't really why I came to Spain.  Firstly, I was missing the sun when I was in the shop and secondly, its just plain boring.

We closed the shop in July 09, but I continued to do repairs from home and sell all the same things from my online shop.

We only deliver hardware within a couple of hundred mile radius but software can be downloaded and I try to keep up to date with the odd computer tips.

You can see the website here





VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware is high-performance security software that doesn’t slow your computer down like older, traditional antivirus products that have been around for years. VIPRE combines antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit and other security technologies into a seamless, tightly-integrated security solution. VIPRE delivers comprehensive protection against today’s highly complex spyware, viruses, and blended malware threats.

I have been using Free and Paid AVG antivirus for most of the last decade and found it to be great but the last few releases from v7 onwards have become more and more obtrusive, like Norton and Mcafee and this tends to slow your PC and interupt you when you need it least.

I installed the trial of Vipre in October 09 on my main development machine and was so happy with it that I bought a license for all our machines in the house and office.  It just works! And it doesn't get in your way.  Its also very inexpensive.

Click here to Download Trial